Patients Helping Patients!

Kelz was started out of a desire to help patients find natural alternatives to their existing wellness goals.

We provide counselling and weekly seminars to the public of nineteen years of age and older, to educate them on alternatives for illnesses. We run in strict accordance to all CAMCD guidelines.

Kelz, in turn, donates profit to charities and/or organizations within Regina that require funding. We are here to help people with their illnesses.

Children sitting on the dock

Kelz has a
ZERO Tolerance
Policy for Abuse
We reserve the right to remove disruptive persons from the office. We are doing our best to provide a service to our clients. Please treat the staff and other members of Kelz with politeness and respect.

I ended up at the hospital for 3 weeks and they decided to start a biologic with horrible side effects. After them finding I had no veins left and they would have to place a permanent port in my chest….I said “I can’t do this!”Kelly
Kelz Medical Services Corp

About Owner/Director Kelly Csada:
As with my own illness of Crohn’s disease, which I have dealt with for the past 26 years, I have lost 18 feet of my small intestine and been on every medication, pharmaceutical and biological, that the doctors have to offer, with no relief of the disease. I was on a 150mcg patch of Fentanyl, long acting, and breakthrough OxyContin, with little quality of life.

When I found a service in Whitewood, I got a prescription in December, and am almost off all pharmaceuticals. I am living, taking care of my grandchildren and loving life, all because of two drops of pure CBD and THC oil in the morning and two at night.

The oil we carry is made from cannabis that is not irradiated. Using radiation breaks down the natural components in the plant. Being forced to purchase medication that is not effective is unfair to patients. Many patients require this medication to have a better quality of life, to continue work, and to give back to their families and communities.