Joany’s Journey

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Joan wants to spend her time left living life with no regrets! Come follow her journey, and her travels and be inspired!

My Aunty Joan was diagnosed in March of 2015 with Bulbar ALS, which means that the ALS started with her speech, and her ability to eat and she has an extreme high risk of aspiration and pneumonia. For more information about ALS please go to:

Auntie Joan and her partner Rob decided that Joan should be able to enjoy visiting all her family and friends while she can. So they sold what they could and bought an RV and hit the road. So far, their travels have brought them from Ontario to Alberta twice, with many adventures in between!

Help them to continue to spread ALS awareness and give Aunty Joan the opportunity to see and do everything on her ALS bucket list.


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29 August at 7:30 • Langham, SK
We would like to thank a couple of new road angels. Kelly and Troy from Regina thank you for your support and generous donation to our Journey.
Some meetings are just meant to be, Kelly is the first person we have met on the road that was already following our Journey.
Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

1 September at 6:21
Kelly Csada
Thank you, it was a meeting arranged by my angel Tama J Ryan I believe, sending much love and light.