Lynn’s Story

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These are what we love to hear, thank you Lynn Chauder Young for allowing me to share your story and Corrie G. Yelland who must be bursting at helping 💚 ‘CANNABIS CURES CANCER’ 💚

~ Kelly Csada, Director Kelz

Lynn’s Story

Thanks everyone…here is a bit of my story .. its not over but hopefully soon.

On May 30 I received blood work results that were excellent but on the x-ray it showed a spot on my right lung.On July 9th I received the following CT scan result. There is a speculated 28x23mm solid nodule with some early cavitation in some small potential satellite nodules along the lateral aspect of the lesion in the right upper lobe,in contact with the pleural surface. There is a 5-6mm speculated density in the subpleural location in the anterior right upper lobe. Also there is a small 6mm nodule at the extreme right base associated with a feeding vessel,suspicious.There is a subtle 4mm ground-glass posteriorty in the left upper lobe just adjacent to the major fissure, a similar subcentimeter nodule in the periphery of the left lower lobe no pleural or pericardial effusions.

There is a 10 mm low-density region within the left ventricle, presumably adjacent to the chordae tendineae ..echocardiogram should be considered. Findings appear suspicious, thoracic surgical consults is suggested.

So on Wednesday Aug.17 I had my PET scan done in results as Thoracic surgeon was on vacation so back to C.B. …find out my results on the 29th.
I go home call my doctor for appointment as I need to talk a few things over with her (no chemo, radiation or biopsy for me). To make a long story short she had my reports…why is she smiling…just 1 small lesion nothing else lit up …did I just hear that right?
I hope by the time I go to Halifax that that 1 lesion is gone. I’m calling the doctor tomorrow for a copy of my results I was so excited I forgot everything I went in there to ask her about. ~OneLove~
Corrie I have known you for many years and I have always thought of you as my “earth angel” and will continue to do so. To the person (and you know who you are) that donated 10 grams of oil to me I want you to know….you saved my life!!! I <3 all you! xo And the most important part. ~Cannabis kills cancer cells~

~ Lynn Chauder Young
August 22 at 7:15pm